Our goals

Our international opening is a long-standing commitment. We have always had a long  international mobility tradition through multiple study tours and exchange and, more recently, internships abroad.

We have been awarded with the European Charter for Higher Education 2015-2020, which will allow us to actively enter the ERASMUS process. This program is aimed at bringing our students and staff  unique experiences through internships abroad. We also expect to welcome in our school volunteering foreign students who would like to experience our school specificity by joining our higher education course BTSA technico-Commercial.

In addition to our objective of internships in European businesses, our international approach brings also an opportunity to develop eductional agreements with European institutions in Higher education to enable European students to spend time in our establishment either as a part of their studies or to experience a business internship. It will also enable us to offer  our staff experiences of exchange or training in a European institution or business.